Wish List
Have glasses for sale? Looking to add to my collection.
Below are glasses I would be interested in purchasing.
These are not my photos so quality will vary.
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Thank you Matt from "A Measure of Time" for some of the great pictures he has provided.
updated 0101/2019
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A & D Home Appliance / Frigidaire GM

A & D Furniture / Frigidaire GM

A J Giaco  / Frigidaire GM

Al Borup's American Radio / Frigidaire GM

Albrecht's Pharmacy

Anderson Federal Savings

Apollo Soda Water Co.

Arthur F. Schultz

Arthur F. Scbultz

Auto City Oil Co. / Kemikal Oil

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative



Baker & Casey Electric / Frigidaire GM

Bank of Camden Benton County

Beechwold / Frigidaire GM

Benike / Frigidaire GM

Bennet Refrigeration / Frigidaire GM

Berard's Heating Oils

Bervid Oil Co.

Best Oil Company

Bordens / Frigidaire side A

Bordens / Frigidaire side B

Bowen Hardware

Briscoe Hardware

Bromo Seltzer

Bryant Electric Co. / Frigidaire GM

Bryn Mawr Seed Co.

Builder's Emporium



C A Brilliant HardwareCanaan OilCapitol Federal SavingsCardin Electric / Frigidaire GM

Cascade Homogenized Milk

Cecil Gavers / Frigidaire GM
Centre HardwareChamberlin's PontiacChamber's Range StoresChandler Hardware / Frigidaire GMCharleroy Merchants Sample FairChas Bros 95 years
Chiavetta Bros. HardwareChristman's DairyChos. P. Brenny 1951 / Frigidaire GMCitrus Concentrate

Clements & Parker / Frigidaire GM

Cobb & Lawless / Frigidaire GM
Cobb & Lawless / Frigidaire GMConsumer's Power Co.Cook's PaintsCordes / Frigidaire GM

Coy's Restaurant

C Ratliff Henry / Frigidaire GM
Cumberland City DairyCunningham and PhillipsCurrie Hardware   



Davis Pharmacy

Daymond / GE

DeVeaux TV & Appliance / Frigidaire GM

Deeny's Feeds

Dellwood Milk

Desert Appliance Center / Frigidaire GM

De Soto Gas Co. / Green's Fuel

DeVeaux TV & Appliance

District 3

Dixie LP Gas

Domestic Refrigeration Co. Inc. / Frigidaire GM

Dominion Hardware / Stanley

Donaldson / Frigidaire GM

Dr. Jespersen's Laboratories

D. R. Smith Co. / Frigidaire GM

Dydee Wash Steralized Diaper Service

Duncan's Hardware Limited




Eastern Fuel Co.

Eastern Fuel Co.


Echenrolde Furniture

Edwards PhamacyEime Hardware Inc. / Frigidaire GM
E. Thompson Co.Elmer Cuther / FirestoneErmy's Store   



Federal Glass Company


Finley Fuel Oil

Ftichett Bros. Croass Road Farms

Fitchome Farms

Flinn HolleyForbes TeaForrest City

Foss Hardware and Gifts

Frank Hudson Appliance Co.

Frigid Service & Sales

Frumess Credit Jewelers




Gable's Department Store / Frigidaire GM

Garden World Inc.

Garfield Stier Co.

Gerson-Steward Corp.

G. D. Armstrong Co., Inc.

Geidel Brau Beer

George Forniture Co.

Gerber's Restaurant Supply

General Electric

Georgia Pimentos

Glekbe Dairy

Glendale Farms Dairy

Golden State Dairy

Golden State Milk

Gordon Ward / Frigidaire GM

Greater Belleville Savings & Loan

Green-Todd Co., Inc.

Gulf Power Company



Hahn Washer Service

Hales Corners Beer & Liquor

Halls Drug Stores

Harkman Oil Inc. / Conoco

Harlow's Loma Linda / Frigidaire GM

Harold Kelley's Appliance Store / Frigidaire GM

Harsfield / Frigidaire GM

H. B. Priest Insurance

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Herrings Pharmacy / Rexall

Henry Co. Building & Loan Assn.

Henry's Hamburgers

Hi-Grade Dairy

Hi-Grade Dairy

H. J. Poist / Frigidaire GM

Hobart Walker / Frigidaire GM

Hoburg Brothers / Frigidaire GM

Hood's Dairy

Hood's Dairy

Hood's Dairy

Hood's Dairy Inc.

House of Hors' D'oeuvres

Household Supply Company / Frigidaire GM

Howard the Trader
Huston's Gulf Service Station  





Illinois Glass Co.

Imblum Electric / Frigidaire GM

Irwin's Hardware

I. W. Bennett & Son


Jackson Street Hardware

J. B. Cooper Sales Co. / Frigidaire GM

Jefferson Township Fire Co.


Joe's Shell Service Center / Firestone Dealer

Johanna Farms

John Charles Music Co.


John Swan Hardware

Jones Appliance Center

J. R. Enright / Frigidaire GM    


Kallaher Bottled Gas

Kallaher Oil

Karpy Realty


Kent Johnson Insurance

Keslar's / Frigidaire GM

Kinmore Electric Co. / Frigidaire GM


Kirk Appliance

Kolinpinski / Frigidaire GM

Kronick's Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Kronick's Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Kruper Bros. Appliances / Frigidaire GM

K-S / Frigidaire GM

Kuhn's 5 & 10 Stores 


Lane and Hale Appliance / Frigidaire GM

Lauber & Co.

Layette Baby Laundry Diaper Service

Leesburg Federal Savings & Loan Assn

Lee's Drive In Liquor

Leonard's Pit Barbecue

Leo Schultz

Levin's Big Stores

Lewis' Pride Flour

Little Giant Water Gardening

Little Men's Shop




Magnolia Hardware / Frigidaire GM

Main Liquor Store

Markss Furniture & Appliance / Frigidaire GM

Marquardt Pharmacy

Marshall's Drug Stores

Marshalltown Store of Floors, Inc.

Marshall Wells

Marshfield Fair / Frigidaire GM

Martin TV & Appliance / GE

Marty Ditts Jewelry

Mast's Furniture Appliances

Matheson's Floor Covering


McFarland's / Frigidaire GM

McMaster Hardware

Measuring Glass

Memo's Shell Service

Mitchell Electric / Frigidaire GM

M. J. Smith / Frigidaire GM

Monongahila Power Co. / Frigidaire GM

Mrs. Geigley's Delicatessan

Mrs Roger's

Mumper's Dairy



National Diaper ServiceNatural GasNCNBNelson's Milk ProductsNew Model Cleaners / black & red
Nichols Hardware 68Noble's Inc. / Frigidaire GMNorco Appliance Center / Frigidaire GMNorthwest Fixture Co 


Ohio Edison Appliance / Frigidaire GMO M Smith Appliances / Frigidaire GM 


Paul Crossman / Frigidaire GM

Paxton's / Frigidaire GM

Pekin Cleaners


Pen Center / Frigidaire GM


Perry & McGee

Plymouth Discount Center / Frigidaire GM

Pollack Refrigeration Company / Frigidaire GM

Popsy Cake Flour

Popsy Cake Flour

Pratt's Hardware & Electric

Pro Hardware Stores

Public Appliance Corp.

Purdy's Modern Hardware

Pure Milk Co.




Radio & Home Appliance Co. / Frigidaire GM

Rand's Drug Stores

Rastock Clayton / Frigidaire GM

Reliable Chicks

Rockford / Frigidaire

Robert's Inc. / Tappan

Roy Harper Jeweler

Roy Pemeraning Milk Man

Roy Y. Hale


   Roy Rogers side ARoy Rogers side B


Sandler's 5 Hour Laundry

Saunder's Variety Store

Schneuker's Hardware / GE

Scholz Bros. Hardware

Schorer Company

Schumacher Hardware

Security National Bank

Service Distributing Co.

Sheer's Farm Store

Shively's Milk

Sin-Ko Co.S. Kruger & Co. Better Furniture & Appliances
Snow Laundry & Dry CleaningSoft Water LaundrySourdough ClubSpencer Co. Farm Bureau CooperativeS. P. Miller & Son / Frigidaire GMSpring Electric / Frigidaire GM
Star DairyStar LaundrySterling Furniture Co.Stoney Creek Fuel & SuppliesStop & ShopStoughton Drug
Supreme MarketSwan HardwareSwonger DairySylvester Electrical Supply Co.  



Tele-Warrne / Frigidaire GM



Time Glass

T. H. Fulton / Frigidaire GM

Tondryk's Home Appliance Shop

Tony's Bel-Air

Tucker's / Frigidaire GM

Tunxis Hill Package StoreTurner / GE  




unmarkedValley Electric Inc. / Frigidaire GMVan Horns Good FoodVeach's / Frigidaire GMVFW Post 5300 Hanover ILVowel Furniture Co Inc






Walkeracres HatcheriesW. A. May HardwareW B Johnston GrainWerner's Laundry & CleanersWertz Electric Services / Frigidaire GM
Westen Road HardwareWillens JewelersWm DePree CompanyWm Luff Tire & Appliance / Frigidaire GMWolf Raido & Electric / Frigidaire GMWolf Raido & Electric / Frigidaire GM
Woodruff's / Frigidaire GMWoodworth'sWright Milk Co.Wyme Plumbing  


Yankee SpiritsYork & Massey / Frigidaire GM